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20 December 2005 @ 09:17 pm
Remus had slipped quietly into the croft during the early hours of the morning expecting to grab a couple hours sleep on the sofa. It made sense in his mind for Harry to have slept upstairs and the girls to have shared the bed, which was the only item of furniture in the small cottage which had been purchased with more than one person living there in mind. He had not expected his sofa to have been moved to the loft or for all three young people to have managed to squeeze into that tiny space. Had he not been exausted himself, he might have chuckled.

Instead, he moved silently through his evening ablutions and slipped silently into the bed where he lay awake for a long while procesing the events of the evening. Despite her assurances, he was still worried over 'Dora...which created it's own set of issues as he was becoming uncomfortably aware that nine months had not been long enough to purge himself of those feelings. Add to that his decidedly violent internal reaction to Bellatrix Lestrange's presence at the reunion and he was almost surprised when sleep finally claimed him.

It was well and truly morning when the sounds of someone moving about the croft finally woke him up. Luckily for Hermione, he remembered in time that he had others staying over or she might have been met by the business end of a wand when she came down the stairs before leaving.

But, as he did remember his guests in time, he chose instead to make himself presentable before Harry or Ginny made an appearance. After a quick, five-minute shower, he once more donned denims, pairing them this time with a soft cable-knit jumper, and went out into the main part of the cottage to see who was about.

Hearing quiet sounds upstairs, Remus decided not to interupt and instead took himself outside for a short walk before breakfast. He'd received a message that his shift had been changed at the shop and found himself with extra time this morning.

So, he was in no rush.

Besides, walking down the mountainside a bit was a good way for him to clear his head of the lingering musings of the night before. There was nothing to be gained by worrying, after all, and now that he was free from obligations he could be sure to be in full attendence at the day's reunion festivities. He wasn't sure what he'd be able to do, but he'd be there.

'Dora had been correct in her thinking that Remus took to feeling useless only slightly better than Sirius had. Really, the only thing keeping Remus back from some of his friend's recklessness was a lifelong habit. Having been raised to believe any sort of recklessness could result in his own execution, acting without thinking it through beforehand was not something which came to him easily.

Sighing, Remus turned and made his way back up to the croft. He'd been wandering about the mountain for twenty to thirty minutes. It was probably safe to assume his guests were up by now.
My Dear Sir,

I sincerely hope you slept well last night, as it is, indeed, very likely to be your last night of restful repose in quite some time.

This letter is surely not the first you have received in light of the pornographic drivel you permitted to be distributed in this morning's paper, but you ought to regard it as the most urgent, and take heed.

I, Professor Severus Snape, am hereby notifying you of legal charges being brought to bear against The Daily Prophet, naming yourself as primary defendant. You would do well to set your affairs in order and ascertain whether you have enough savings upon which to live the rest of your natural life, because I will be doing everything in my power to rob you of all gainful employment and pecuniary benefits.

You will be hearing from my solicitor very shortly.

Have a lovely day.

Professor Severus Snape
Potions Master
Head of Slytherin House
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
19 December 2005 @ 08:10 pm
Mr McIntyre,

I have decided, in light of the recent events, to heed your advice and drop my suit on the Misters Weasley.

Please do not send them documentation notifying them of such until Monday morning at the earliest--I would like to attempt some semblance of peace the rest of the weekend. Besides, it does not hurt them in the least to sweat a bit.

On the other hand, I would like you to begin immediate proceedings for a suit against The Daily Prophet. If possible, for political reasons, I would like you not to name Ms Rita Skeeter as a defendant--clearly she was under a similar curse as affected numerous others this weekend, and ought not be considered responsible for her actions. However, The Prophet ought to have editors on-staff able to detect these things before they become distributed en-masse.

Defamation of character ought to be worth something. I will leave the particulars to you. Do not settle unless offered, at a minimum, half a front-page written public apology and fifty-thousand galleons.

I have refrained from personally visiting the printing offices so as to prevent some misinterpreted unpleasantness from harming the chances for a successful suit.

I want blood, and the Prophet ought rightly to bleed Galleons.

Professor S. Snape
Potions Master, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Head of Slytherin House
17 December 2005 @ 04:43 am
Hermione once more found herself in the lobby of The Goat's Inn, this time feeling somewhat restless after her first trip in four and a half years back to the flat she and Ron had shared. She considered going up to her room, but her stomach growled in protest, so she detoured into The Wooly Spot, taking her usual seat in the corner and ordering eggs and toast from the friendly waiter who'd been serving her breakfast all week.

Her meal was in front of her within minutes (they were generally quite speedy at The Wooly Spot), and she was just about to take a bite when she noticed a copy of The Daily Prophet someone had left at the table next to her own. With a sigh, she reached over and grabbed it, a dark curiousity coming over her as she wondered what lies they'd come up with to explain away a crazy Death Eater cursing glasses at what had been touted as a Ministry-run affair.

She turned to page two and nearly spit out the bite of egg she had taken when Rita Skeeter's lie-filled article took an unexpected turn; she threw her paper down on the table as she fell into a choking fit that was part egg-induced, part laughter and part disgusted horror.
16 December 2005 @ 12:38 am
Luna had been up for hours by the time 9 am rolled around. Actually, she hadn't even been to bed yet. Although you wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at her. Sure, her outfit was a bit wrinkled, but that was soon remedied with a charm. Otherwise, she had an almost refreshed look to her, a definite "I so got Rita Skeeter!" glow to her. The interview with Snape was very productive ...well, as productive as she had expected. There were still a lot of questions that needed answers and she was definitely not done trying to get them. However, the information she did get was a start and the public was definitely going to appreciate it. Especially after Rita's article this morning in the Prophet. Luna still couldn't get the image of Skeeter in a school girl uniform bent over a cauldron out of her mind. She had been giggling all morning. In any case, Snape had been very informative and her article had practically written itself. She made it to press with plenty of time and right now countless witches and wizards were reading about what had actually occurred at the reunion.

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15 December 2005 @ 04:20 pm
Hogwarts Reunion: The TRUTH is Revealed!
By: Luna Lovegood

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15 December 2005 @ 05:15 pm
Hogwarts Reunion Closed for Mysterious Reasons

The Hogwarts Reunion was closed last night before dinner due to, according to a Ministry Official who wished to remain nameless, structural problems with the reception hall. "McGonagall rushed us through the building process and several structural charms failed," says the unnamed source, behaving quite jittery as if the Headmistress would send him to detention for daring the speak out against her. One hopes that Minerva McGonagall didn't hurry along the rebuilding of the Hogwarts castle in the same manner, with all those innocent children scheduled to attend beginning this September.

Earlier in the day, however, the reunion events went fairly smoothly and included three separate tours of the castle guided by the Headmistress herself. The tours were filled with various alumni dealing with the aftereffects of their unbecoming behaviour the night before, but no one interesting turned up until the third tour. I wasn't allowed to attend, as McGonagall insisted that I'd gained enough information from my article from the previous two tours, but Severus Snape was there! He stood on the castle grounds in robes of an elegant green silk lightly swaying in the breeze, his hair a glossy black that glistened underneath the afternoon sun's rays. He was sex on a stick! What I wouldn't give to get that man alone, in my bedroom, tied to my bedposts. No, scratch that, he would be the one with the ropes, black silk to match his hair, pinning my arms and legs to the bed with a murmured spell, his voice soft, but with a rough edge as he went into hair-raising detail about what exactly he was going to do to me. And a gag! Mustn't forget the lovely black scarf tied around my mouth, muffling my moans as his hands danced with the true precision of a potion's master all over my naked wiggling body.

What was I writing about again? Oh yes, the tours. The castle looks pretty much the same as before the war, including the Potions classroom where Severus Snape, newly reinstated Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin, would be giving out detentions. Detention with Severus Snape, where I'd have to call him sir, and bow to his every whim, scrubbing out cauldrons bent over in a short school girl's skirt where he'd have to come behind me and show me the proper technique for cleaning, and the punishment if I didn't meet his strict standards...

Mmmmm, I believe my quill and I have other business to attend to now, but don't fret, dear readers, I will be back tomorrow to report on the finale to the reunion and my efforts to seduce that sexy potions master. Oh Yes.

-Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet Corespondent
OOC Note: Sorry this took me so long to get up, guys! I hope you enjoy Tonks in this, and that it was worth the wait!

Tonks took the lift to level two, grateful it was empty save herself and a few late night memos. She needed the time to to collect herself. The adernaline rush that had kept her going thus far was fading, and it left her feeling jittery and out of sorts. Her new dress, which Claire had spent so much time and care on, was now ruined. Even if she could reverse the transfiguration and return it to normal, she would never wear it again. She couldn't, not after having impersonated Bellatrix in it. It was a shame, because it really had been beautiful.

"Level two, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, including Auror Headquarts, Misuse of Muggle Arefacts and Wizengamot Administration Services," announced a cool female voice that barely registered for Tonks, who heard it daily. The doors of the lift shuttered open and she smoothed her appearance into one of almost calm.

She took a left down the silent corridor, noting rather vaguely that maintainance had charmed the windows to show shooting stars tonight. She pushed open the heavy oak doors to Auror Headquarters, which, even at this late hour, was a hub of activity. This was her home away from home, and despite her occassional whinging, she loved it.

"Wotcher." It was said automatically, and to no one in particular.

Still, a few people called back their greetings as she made her way to her cubicle, cast a privacy charm and pulled on the change of clothes (jeans and her latest Weasley jumper) she always kept in her bottom drawer in case of emergencies. This was definitely an emergency. She felt infinitely better for doing so. There was something so comforting and warm about Weasley jumpers.

"Is Kings in yet?" Tonks asked the room at large, having cancelled the privacy charm.

He wasn't, apparently, but had recieved her message about Vane. He'd left instructions that she go home, for God's sakes, after she'd finished her report. This made Tonks smile a little. Kingsley was always watching out for her and the hardest part of leaving was definitely going to be not seeing him every day.

Pushing those thoughts aside for the time being, she concentrated on writing the report, starting with when Snape had summoned for her. It took approximately two hours to write, intent as she was with recounting everything meticulously, down to the very minute detail. Her hand was cramped by the time she finished, and it was well over three rolls of parchment long.

She looked over the report three times before she was satisfied she hadn't overlooked anything. Normally, Tonks didn't take such care with paperwork, but this wasn't a normal case. Her 'family' had been affected by this, and if there was one thing Nymphadora Tonks was especially protective of, it was family.

She was worried about how they were holding up, in light of everything. She hoped they'd gone ahead with the lu'au, like she'd told them to (or rather, had Harry and Hermione tell them on her behalf). She hoped they were safe. Tonight had brought back worries she'd kept mostly at bay since the war ended, and it scared her. More than she would admit to anyone.

Once at the lu'au, she would be her usual cheerful self. But first, she would allow herself the luxury of getting truly angry.
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