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20 December 2005 @ 09:17 pm
Breakfast with a new Roommate  
Remus had slipped quietly into the croft during the early hours of the morning expecting to grab a couple hours sleep on the sofa. It made sense in his mind for Harry to have slept upstairs and the girls to have shared the bed, which was the only item of furniture in the small cottage which had been purchased with more than one person living there in mind. He had not expected his sofa to have been moved to the loft or for all three young people to have managed to squeeze into that tiny space. Had he not been exausted himself, he might have chuckled.

Instead, he moved silently through his evening ablutions and slipped silently into the bed where he lay awake for a long while procesing the events of the evening. Despite her assurances, he was still worried over 'Dora...which created it's own set of issues as he was becoming uncomfortably aware that nine months had not been long enough to purge himself of those feelings. Add to that his decidedly violent internal reaction to Bellatrix Lestrange's presence at the reunion and he was almost surprised when sleep finally claimed him.

It was well and truly morning when the sounds of someone moving about the croft finally woke him up. Luckily for Hermione, he remembered in time that he had others staying over or she might have been met by the business end of a wand when she came down the stairs before leaving.

But, as he did remember his guests in time, he chose instead to make himself presentable before Harry or Ginny made an appearance. After a quick, five-minute shower, he once more donned denims, pairing them this time with a soft cable-knit jumper, and went out into the main part of the cottage to see who was about.

Hearing quiet sounds upstairs, Remus decided not to interupt and instead took himself outside for a short walk before breakfast. He'd received a message that his shift had been changed at the shop and found himself with extra time this morning.

So, he was in no rush.

Besides, walking down the mountainside a bit was a good way for him to clear his head of the lingering musings of the night before. There was nothing to be gained by worrying, after all, and now that he was free from obligations he could be sure to be in full attendence at the day's reunion festivities. He wasn't sure what he'd be able to do, but he'd be there.

'Dora had been correct in her thinking that Remus took to feeling useless only slightly better than Sirius had. Really, the only thing keeping Remus back from some of his friend's recklessness was a lifelong habit. Having been raised to believe any sort of recklessness could result in his own execution, acting without thinking it through beforehand was not something which came to him easily.

Sighing, Remus turned and made his way back up to the croft. He'd been wandering about the mountain for twenty to thirty minutes. It was probably safe to assume his guests were up by now.
__harry____harry__ on December 21st, 2005 08:35 am (UTC)
Harry was on his third batch of eggs, the first two having been burned up as he wasn't quite paying very close attention to his cooking, when he heard the door open and a quick glance behind him confirmed that it was Remus coming in the cottage. Relief flooded through Harry as ever since Ginny had left he'd been dying for some company, even if it was just to distract himself from unpleasant thoughts and a horrid case of 'blue balls'. But it wasn't just any company, it was Remus, and if there was anyone he was going to spill the whole messy affair to, it would be his new roommate. Not that he was dying to talk about it, but in any case, he wasn't worrying over Death Eaters and that could only be a good thing, right? Maybe not.

Harry sighed and rubbed his head, turning around to give Remus a small smile. He tugged self consciously on the t-shirt he'd put on after he'd showered earlier, and waved a spatula in greeting.

"How do you like your eggs?"
Remus J. Lupin: Lone Wolfm4moony on January 20th, 2006 05:42 am (UTC)
"Good morning, Harry."

The acrid smell of burnt food greeted Remus as he re-entered the croft. Spotting Harry at the stove, he remembered the young man's wish to provide breakfast. The nervous gesture which accompanied his greeting was not lost on Remus and he wisely chose not to comment, even teasingly, on the lingering evidence of Harry's previous attempts at the meal.

"Over easy is fine," he said easily, returning Harry's smile with a grin as he went about brewing breakfast tea for the both of them. Setting the tea to steep, he leaned against the kitchen counter to chat more easily with Harry as he finished the preparations for their meal.

"The girls didn't want to stay for breakfast?" Now he was teasing a bit, knowing what he'd thought he heard starting in his loft room before leaving for his walk earlier. "Did everyone sleep comfortably enough?"
__harry__: serious no glasses scar__harry__ on January 23rd, 2006 06:52 pm (UTC)
Harry nodded and cracked open a couple more eggs, blushing slightly at Remus' teasing.

"Oh... well, Hermione got an early start I think and er... Ginny had to go. They both like your place though! Hermione especially ... with the books..." Harry grabbed a couple of pieces of bread for toast and began searching around for some fruit. "But I think everyone slept fine. I moved the couch upstairs... but I'll have it back down after breakfast. We didn't want to bother you. How was the party?"

Harry took a breath then, realising he was rushing through his answers like a nervous school boy hiding a fanged frisbee behind his back while being questioned by a Professor. He tried to calm himself down, and used the excuse of finishing breakfast to avoid looking directly into Remus' eyes.